Marianne De Boer

Marianne de Boer Draaijer first perfomed as a teenager in a communist theater company. Then she sudied in Toulouse and started a master of philosophy dealing with the question of the body and its mutations, transformations and deformations in the realm of art.
In 2007, she joined the professionnal contemporary dance training EXTENSION in  CDC Toulouse. She met there many young, or not so young, artists and started to perform in dance projects
In 2009, she co-created the collectif Connasses ! with artists from different backgrounds. The collective worked for 2 years on identity as a social, political and artistic notion.
In september 2010 she moved to Brussels and tried to broaden the scope of what was possible in her research. She started to work with images and writings. dealing with the ideas of visibility, limits and definition.

in residence from
November 04 ’till November 16 – 2013

In Bains connective, she starts a new research with « Once I went to visit Hell, it was pretty much the same as Heaven : unreal. ».
This project deals with a serie of patterns such as space organisation (stage/audiance), writing and dramaturgy (the beggining and the end),  performing bodies (presence/absence, visibility/invisibility, virtuosity/unskill * ) to create un unstable field of action and reflexion by deconstructing the tight structuralists oppositions and trying to build a moving reality, at least for a few minutes…

You can follow what’s going on in the studio day by day on this blog :