Apply for residency


April 11, 2017

The residency program is suspended, due to a lack of funding for the whole activity.


Please download the form  ENG  /  FR  /  NL   and send us your application via Email or to our office:

Bains Connective
Rue des Alliés, 54
1190 Brussels

In addition you can send us your CV and if available, some photos or videos of your artistic work.

Last minute applications are welcome!

Please note that in this moment we don’t have the capacity to provide housing for people coming from abroad. Therefore, if you don’t live in Brussels, you should be able to find where to stay during the residency period.

In the same building where we are, there is a photography laboratory for analogical printing that you could possibly use twice a week while you are in residency.

April 15 for the period September – October – November – December.
September 15 for first semester of the following year.